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In May we invited one of our long-term resident artist, the brilliant Bisila Noha, to be our speaker for this new series of talks called "Culford Socials". It's a great opportunity for all our members, from newly joined beginners to experienced artists, to get together, share knowledge and form new creative bonds.

It was such a pleasure to hear Bisila's story and learn about her journey and travels with clay. We all felt super inspired and it cultivated a discussion around the importance of materiality connected to places, beyond-studio research and storytelling.

Bisila Noa is a Spanish-Equatoguinean London-based ceramic artist, researcher and writer.

Her work aims to challenge Western views on art and craft; to question what we understand as productive and worthy in capitalist societies; and to reflect upon the idea of home and oneness pulling from personal experiences in different pottery communities.

She is a storyteller with a particular interest in the contributions of women of colour to the history of art and craft. As such, her words are a bridge bringing the past - the forgotten, the ignored, the belittled - to the present; to us.

Her ceramic practice extends from wheel-thrown pieces with the distinctive addition of marbled slip decoration to create eye-catching abstract landscapes; to sculptural pieces mixing throwing, coiling and carving which connect her to her roots, the makers that precede her and the past.

With a background in Translation and International Relations, Bisila is a passionate feminist activist leading the London LGBTQ+ Community Centre and co - directing the arts and activism organisation Lon-art Creative; she is also part of the Steering Committee at Design Can.

You can learn more about Bisila's work on her website:

Thank you again Bisila!


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