At Culford Studios, we strive to empower students to tackle challenges and take on new ceramic experiences. Below you’ll find the information you need about our courses and tutors.

" What a fantastic time! The atmosphere and teaching were great, lots of support provided whilst at the same time being encouraged to explore our own artistic ideas. Definitely recommend!" - Shirley

"Such a fun evening! I learnt loads and ended up with some lovely pieces :) " - Dan


A 2.5 hour workshop covering hand-building techniques of pinching, coiling and slab-building.


This workshop will cover the hand-building techniques of pinching, coiling and slab-building, along with how to add colour to your work with coloured slips. You will make up to three pieces which will be glaze fired after the workshop and which can be picked up at a later point.


A four week course covering hand-building techniques and glazing.


During this four week course you will be able to make a series of vessels or sculptures. 

This is a structured course to develop basic ceramic skills and learn new techniques and processes. On this course you will be introduced to hand building techniques like pinching, coiling, slab-building and the use of moulds. You will also learn to apply glazes and slips for decorating. Returning learners can start to work on their own projects.


A four week course covering throwing, turning and glazing.


During this four week course you will be able to make a series of vessels.

This course is an introduction to throwing on a potters wheel, it  is aimed at individuals that have never thrown,

or have some basic experience and would like to refresh. You will be shown the principles of throwing on the wheel, 

how to turn your pieces, as well as complimentary techniques such as pulling handles. 

You will also have a brief introduction to glazes and to try out a variety of decorating/glaze techniques using glaze and underglaze.


A six week course covering hand-building techniques, surface decoration and glazing.


This six week course will introduce beginner and intermediate learners to a broad range of hand building techniques and you will be able to make a series of vessels or sculptures guided by our artists.

You are encouraged to come to the course with ideas and sketches of what you may want to make. Each week we will start with a demonstration with the rest of the session to either to use the techniques demonstrated or to work on your own projects. 

You will be shown how to construct 3D forms using press moulded and extruded elements. We will cover sculptural processes, use of sprig moulds and stamps, and a range of techniques to build up rich surfaces with slip such as sgraffito, resist and painting. By the end of the course you will be able to finish your work to a high standard making it ready for firing. Returning learners can work on their own projects, and receive advise when required.


A six week course that concentrates on building on your skills in ceramic studio practice. 


This six week course will help develop intermediate and advanced learners confidence in a wider range of ceramic processes. The course is suitable for learners who would like to work with a degree of independence, but have expert tutorial advice on hand when required.  You can work on your own projects or your tutor can offer structure projects designed to extend and develop your skills. The tutor will also introduce you to a variety of techniques and approaches through demonstrations. You will get lots of encouragement, stimulation and assistance to achieve your goals and by the end of the course you will be able to choose and apply appropriate hand building, throwing and finishing techniques to develop your ceramic studio practice.